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Electronic library system "Lan"

Resource Address: http://e.lanbook.com

Access: until 19/04/2019

Sign in: authorization through IP-addresses of SFU. The database can be used remotely after registration at any place of the SFU.

Database: EBS "Lan" includes electronic versions of books by the "Lan"  publishing house and other leading publishing houses of educational literature, and electronic versions of periodicals on natural, technical and humanities sciences. Permanent unlimited access is provided to all free content of EBS "Lan". (including more than 500 scientific journals). For the convenience of users, a mobile application (iOS and Android) has been developed. The mobile application allows you to work with documents offline during the access period to the EBS. 

The following packages are available for SFU readers until 19/04/2019:  

  • Physics ("Fizmatlit", "Laboratory of Knowledge");
  • Engineering and technical sciences (“Lan” Publishing House, “Mashinostroenie”, DMK Press-Dodeca-XXI, “Gornaya Kniga”, “Hot Line-Telecom”, “MISIS”, “New Knowledge”, TUSUR);
  • Nanotechnology (“Laboratory of Knowledge” publishing house);
  • Informatics ("DMK Press" publishing house, "Laboratory of knowledge" of the MSTU named after NE Bauman);
  • Chemistry ("Lan" publishing house);
  • Biology (“Laboratory of Knowledge” publishing house);
  • Ecology (“Laboratory of Knowledge” publishing house);
  • Forestry and forest engineering ("Lan" Publishing house - separate books).

Guide to finding information in EBS "LAN"

For users of SFU are available "sounded" books in the framework of EBS Lan

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