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Electronic library of RSL

Resource Address: http://dvs.rsl.ru  (access to the full text), http://diss.rsl.ru (access to the catalog)

Access: 19/03/2019

Sign in: through the login/password from computers of the SFU Scientific Library.
You can receive the password by filling of  the registration form or get information in the room B3-09.

  User guide for working with the resource (PDF, 2.32 MB)

Database: EHD RSL contains about 900 thousand full texts of candidate and doctoral dissertations in Russian, since 1985 in all branches of science. Registered (and authorized) user can look through the pages of dissertation only in the electronic reading rooms of the library at 79/10Svobodnypr.: rooms B3-01; B3-07; B3-09; B3-13; B4-04; B4-07; B4-08. 6 Mierchak st.: Room 1-23. 66Vavilovst.

ATTENTION! Dissertations are reviewed using the document security system DVS, designed to provide access to works in digital form, protected by copyright.

It is forbidden to make copies of works or parts of them in digital form.

You can print texts from the electronic database of the Russian State Libraryin the room B3-05 (79/10 Svobodny pr.).

Access administrator: Anikina Svetlana Pavlovna
(79/10 Svobodny pr., room B3-10, tel: +7 (391) 291-28-63, e-mail: canikina@sfu-kras.ru).
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