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Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre

Resource Address: http://www.ccdc.cam.ac.uk

Access: until 31/12/2017

Sign in: authorization through IP-addresses of SFU

Database: The database of The Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre contains data about the structure of crystalline organic and organoelemental compounds (800,000 structures, on-line and off-line versions), a set of programs for biologists, chemists and crystallographers, including:

1) WebCSD (on-line portal to the Cambridge Crystallographic Database) and Relibase + (on-line portal to database on crystal structure of macromolecules) with facilities of comparative analysis, recording and storage of individual parts;

2) CSD-Systemincludes:

  • CSD, an annually updated Cambridge Crystallographic database, containing information on the crystalline structure of organic, organoelemental and organometallic compounds);
  • ConQuest, the program for searching structural data in CSD, allowing to record and store individual records of the database;
  • IsoStar, characteristic parameters library of intermolecular interactions;
  • Mercury, the program for visualization and analysis of structural data;
  • Mogul, the program for validation of geometry of organic, organoelemental and organometallic compounds.

3) CSD-Enterprise includes:

  • DASH, the program for determining the structure of substance from x-ray powder diffraction data;
  • GOLD, molecular docking program;
  • SuperStar, the program for predicting active centers of macromolecules.

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